How can I help save babies lives?

You can help save babies from abortion, by using your gifts and abilities.  From the suggestions below, choose at least one way you can make a difference.  Pray and “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5).

Build up prolife organisations

  • Find out about prolife groups in your area and join one of them.
  • Donate money and help them raise funds. Click on link to go to donations page
  • Volunteer your time, especially in your area of skill: e.g. book keeping; administration, maintenance, counselling, writing or public speaking.
  • Offer to be the prolife issues committee member at your church or Christian organisation.
  • Start a new prolife group at your institution.
  • If you are a leader or publication editor, encourage others to support and join a prolife group.
  • Pray for Gods blessing and protection on prolife groups.
  • Support prolife political candidates, lobby groups, educational and welfare groups.


  • Educate yourself first by reading prolife books so you can answer pro-abortion arguments.
  • Study and learn prolife scriptures (See pamphlet on this).
  • Find out where abortions are done in your area; how many; who is doing them and what methods they use.
  • Find out who owns the building the abortionists work in; who else works there; what companies help them (e.g. bank, waste disposal, security).
  • Find out the views of political, religious leaders, journalists and doctors in your area to identify allies; undecided people and your opposition.
  • Keep a newspaper cuttings file on Sanctity of Life issues.
  • Find out about attempts to legalise euthanasia and the arguments for and against this.
  • Find out about illegal practices of abortionists such as killing babies over the legal age, infanticide or pressurising of healthworkers.

Educate people

  • Photocopy prolife pamphlets (e.g. this and others at Place on notice boards and give to leaders.
  • Hold a Bible study or discussion group on the Sanctity of Life.
  • Show a prolife video to a group.
  • Give a talk or invite a speaker.
  • Take a group to visit a local pregnancy centre.
  • Ask your church minister to preach on the Sanctity of Life.
  • Encourage Christian bookshops to stock prolife books.
  • Donate prolife books to your Church/organisation/or public library.
  • Put prolife pamphlets on your church tract or newsletter rack.
  • Write an article for your organisations publication.
  • Promote abstinence among young people to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Subscribe to prolife email lists and forward to interested friends.
  • Organise a seminar/conference on prolife and/or other moral issues for your church or organisation.
  • Tell voters where parties stand on the issue.

Awareness and proclamation

  • Use prolife clothing, lapel pins, and stickers.
  • Set up a table in a public place with prolife literature to sell or give away.
  • Put up prolife posters on notice boards (ask for from
  • Set up a prolife web page.
  • Hand out small flyers with basic facts on development, abortion and a picture of an unborn baby.
  • Advertise prolife events on your church or society notice board and announcements.
  • Stand for public office and use your position to speak up for the unborn.
  • Sing a prolife song or do a drama with a prolife theme.
  • Encourage Christian media to advertise and discuss prolife issues.

Confronting evil

  • Write letters to your local newspaper and political leaders.
  • Picket an abortion clinic or hospital that does abortions; parliament, a court house or government building where pro-abortion decisions have been made. Get permission to do so.
  • Send a pair of prolifers to speak to local abortionists, pro-abortion lecturers or a political group.
  • Give a medical lecturer alternative prolife readings to give to students.
  • Challenge the opposition to debate on radio or public meeting or invite outside speakers to debate with them.
  • Stop abortion advertising by challenging local newspaper or municipality or advertising agency.
  • Give literature to local doctors and make aware of alternatives available.
  • Collect signatures for a prolife petition.
  • Complain to local newspapers about pro-abortion articles and submit an alternative viewpoint for publication.
  • Complain to companies sponsoring pro-abortion groups and check if your medical aid pays for abortions.
  • Complain to the Receiver of Revenue and the Department of Health for using your tax money to do abortions.
  • Expose groups promoting abortion under the guise of sex education, values education or family planning.  Encourage other groups to stop working with them.
  • Encourage building owners to evict abortionists and companies they use such as waste disposal and security to stop helping them.

Helping unmarried mothers

  • Support local pregnancy centres (use suggestions for building organisations above).  Ask for a special pamphlet on this.
  • Consider adopting an unwanted baby.
  • Offer to baby-sit for a single parent.
  • Offer money to a single parent in financial difficulty.
  • Check on your company or educational institutions policy towards single mothers.  Encourage them to be supportive.


  • Encourage your prayer group to pray against abortion and to strengthen the prolife movement.
  • Give Bible bookmarks with points to pray for to members of your congregation.
  • Organise a special day of prayer and/or a fast against abortion in your area.
  • Keep interested intercessors informed of prolife needs to pray for.

Whatever you do, try and involve others.  Afterwards, tell others what you did.  Send them a link to this web page and encourage them to choose something they can do to make a difference.