I just did what I was told (Healthworkers)

When asked on German TV about her role in the holocaust, former Nazi concentration camp guard replied that she “just did what she was told”.  Medical doctors decided who would die.

In South Africa today, unborn babies rather than Jews are being killed.  The places are hospitals and clinics rather than concentration camps.  But again, ordinary people like you are being asked to help in abortions, and, ‘just following orders’ isn’t an excuse.

Every day, healthworkers are pressured to help abortionists do their work – especially junior staff working in obstetrics and gynaecology.  There aren’t enough pro-abortion doctors, so they pressure pro-life healthworkers to help.

This pressure is not lawful.  You can legally refuse to help abortionists in terms of the Constitution and the Labour law.  By knowing your rights and standing up for them, you can protect yourself and others from participating in abortions.  You will also save babies lives and post-abortion complications for their mothers.

The threat if we don’t resist

If we do not fight this now, you may in the near future suffer job discrimination or be required by law to assist with abortions.  In Holland, for example, you can’t train as a nurse unless you are prepared to help kill babies.  Pressure to participate in abortions is not legal now and by resisting, we can stop it becoming so.  By refusing to help you will force abortionists to quit or take their practice out of hospitals to outside abortion clinics.

Types of pressure to promote abortion

Most pressure regarding abortions is just words.  Nevertheless, the government together with the pro-abortion group ‘Planned Parenthood’ has introduced brainwashing classes that they call ‘values clarification’.  You should refuse to attend these and encourage others to do the same.  Some hospitals discriminate in job applications.  The worst pressure comes from other healthworkers.

How you may be asked to help

You should refuse if you are asked to do any of the following :

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists:

  • Kill the baby surgically or by drugs;
  • Give injections (anaesthetics);
  • Evaluate specimens (pathology);
  • Prescribe drugs to kill the baby;

All healthworkers:

  • Interview and fill in forms (clerking);
  • Refer the mother to an abortionist;
  • Hold instruments for the abortionist;
  • Attend to the patient before and afterwards;
  • Organise theatre lists;

Nurses and students:

  • Prepare the bed for the mother;
  • Nurse or wash (pre-med) the patient before;
  • Prepare the theatre and clean it afterwards;
  • Transport blood, specimens and reports.
  • Assist in the theatre.

Find out who does abortions and if they ask for your help – ask them what it is for.

Other people helping with abortions:

  • Waste companies disposing of babies;
  • Building owners renting to abortionists;
  • Medical aid firms paying for abortions.

Challenge anybody helping in any way with the process of killing babies.

Your legal rights

You have a right to refuse to help with anything related to abortion or refer a mother to an abortionist (Freedom of conscience).  You may tell anyone what you think about abortion (Freedom of expression) and take legal action against anyone discriminating against you for your moral stand (Right to equality).

You are not allowed to physically stop someone from having an abortion.  The government sometimes makes misleading threats against prolife healthworkers – ignore these.

Reply to excuses to help

  • Excuse: “If I don’t help, the mothers will have unsafe abortions.”  Answer:  No abortion is safe.  Abortions kill babies and give mothers heartache and guilt.  Many also injure the mother.  You don’t have to share in their crime.
  • Excuse: “I need the job/ extra pay/ or time off that I get to do abortions”.  Answer:Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.”  (Deuteronomy 27:25).
  • Excuse: “I am only doing a small part.”  Answer: Everyone in the process is helping to kill the baby.  If more healthworkers quit helping, more babies will be saved.
  • Excuse:  “I might loose my job if I don’t.”  Answer: You are protected by labour law and the constitution.  Get legal advice.
  • Excuse: “I must obey the law.”  Answer: The law doesn’t say you have to help – and even if it did, you must obey God before men (Acts 5:29).
  • Excuse: “It’s their choice.”  Answer: If they choose to kill, you don’t have to help them.
  • Excuse: “I may get a chance to change a mother’s mind” Answer: Do your best to help mothers without helping abortionists.
  • Excuse: “I want to show compassion and love.”  Answer: Helping mothers kill babies is not loving them or their babies.

 God expects healthworkers to ignore orders to kill babies

 The king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives…. “When you help the Hebrew women in childbirth and observe them on the delivery stool, if it is a boy, kill him; but if it is a girl, let her live.” The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live. (Exodus 1:15-17)

Like the king of Egypt, our government asks healthworkers to help kill babies.  But like the midwives in the Bible, we must choose to fear God more than the government.

What can I do to save the unborn?

  • Decide now that you will not help with abortions.  Tell everyone at your work before anyone asks you to help.
  • If an abortion doctor asks you to help them – check what it is for.  Be strong in your faith.
  • Pray for Gods help
  • Refuse to go to pro-abortion ‘values clarification’ brainwashing sessions.
  • Refer mothers to your nearest pregnancy centre offering alternatives to abortion.  Counsel mothers on the health risks; heartache; development of their baby; let them to listen to their baby’s heartbeat on a stethoscope or have an ultrasound scan.
  • Challenge other healthworkers to do the same.  The law promotes counselling.
  • Challenge those who help with abortions and urge them to quit.  Many have already.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice.  While you have legal rights, you must be prepared to take risks to fight for them.  Rather loose your job, finances or education than your values.
  • If you aren’t a healthworker – give a copy of this to your personal doctor.  The Nazis needed tens of thousands of ordinary people to help their holocaust – such as railway workers to transport the Jews.  After the war, they realised they helped commit mass murder.  We must warn all healthworkers now.

Where can I get help?

  • Professional and legal advice: Doctors For Life (031) 764 0443;
  • Counselling: If you have compromised by doing or assisting with abortions, you need to seek God’s forgiveness.  24 hour counselling help line 073 2249221.
  • Educational materials:  Prolife South Africa (021) 552 3850.
  • Help for pregnant women: Africa Cares for Life +27 31 903 2340
  • Many other Christian and prolife groups also help defend your rights.