Pro-life Links

There are thousands of pro-life sites throughout the world, and plenty based in South Africa, below are listed some of these sites:

AbortionNO – A site based in the USA which takes a more vivid approach to the pro-life movement.

Abort73 – US-based site with presenting abortion-related facts. “73” refers to the legalization of abortion on demand in the USA via the Roe v Wade decision of 1973.

Abort 97 – South African version of Abort 73 (above). Abort97 aims to change public opinion on abortion by proclaiming the full truth of abortion in a manner that persuades society to oppose abortion. “97” refers to the legalization of abortion on demand in South Africa in 1997.

Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform – Canadian site for pro-life apologetics and activism. Many useful videos.

Doctors For Life – The South African branch of an international organisation of doctors that are pro-life.

C-Fam – A watchdog of the UN, often providing the only unbiased view of the UN’s policy on the family unit.

Feminists for Life – A site dedicated to showing that abortion does not empower women and that women deserve better.

Human Life International – An international pro-life organisation.

Life Training Institute – Site dedicated to persuasively presenting the pro-life message.

UnChoice – Site demonstrating that abortion is unsafe, unwanted, and unfair. Includes many testimonies from post-abortive women.

WorldClock – A site with statistics for the entire world, including number of deaths and causes thereof – abortions are in the bottom right corner.