Deceptive language used by pro-abortionists

Normal English

Abortion lobby term

Why is this a deceptive term?

Killing unborn baby

‘Termination of Pregnancy or ‘ToP’

  • Nowhere in the term is there any mention that a baby is being killed.  A pregnancy can also be ‘terminated’ by natural birth of a child.  Abortionists use the term only to refer to the killing of babies in the womb.

Decision to kill unborn baby

‘Reproductive Choice’

  • Collins dictionary defines reproduction as ‘the process of multiplication of living individuals’ (i.e. relating to the acts of intercourse and conception).  They are now using this term to refer to the killing of babies long after conception.  Baby killing is not part of reproduction.
  • The baby has no choice about whether she is to be killed by abortion.

Baby killing services

‘Reproductive Health Care’

  • Baby killing is legalised by the Act up to 9 months after ‘reproduction’ (effectively on demand till halfway through pregnancy).  Baby killing is not part of reproduction.  It happens after reproduction.
  • This term was inserted into the Bill of Rights under Clause 27(1).  A major proportion of those who voted for the New Constitution were and are pro-life and would never vote for abortion in the constitution.  Now pro-abortionists claim that this clause must be interpreted to give them a Constitutional right to kill babies.

Unborn-Baby Killers Rights Alliance

‘Reproductive Rights Alliance’

  • This group tries to hide behind language of ‘reproduction’, while promoting an agenda of baby killing.  They may do other things as well, but appear primarily to focus on promoting abortion.

Unborn baby killing centres

‘Disa clinic’

  • The name of a beautiful flower is used to disguise the centres activity of killing unborn babies.

Baby to be killed


  • ‘Foetus’ is the Latin word for ‘young one’.  In the hearings, the pro-abortion lobby only referred to foetuses and not babies.
  • We had a statements like ‘What if the mother gives birth to an abnormal foetus?’.  What mother would ever use the ‘word’ foetus to refer to a baby she wanted to keep.

Killing of Unborn Babies Act

‘Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act’

  • A pregnancy can be terminated by natural birth of a live baby, by miscarriage or by deliberate killing of the child.  Nowhere does the Act ever refer to the killing of a baby.
  • If the literal meaning of the words ‘Termination of Pregnancy’ were applied to the Act, then technically, a mother is not allowed to give birth at all without the permission of a doctor!

Indoctrination with child-killing ideology

‘Values clarification’

  • People who have attended these sessions report that rather than clarify beliefs; the aim is to try to confuse medics with complex ethical questions they find difficult to answer.
  • Once confused, medics are indoctrinated with the idea that the decision to kill a baby is a right.

Nurses organisation misrepresenting members.

‘Democratic Nurses Organisation of South Africa’

  • Their own survey found two thirds of their members opposed to baby-killing, whereas the submission given at the hearing was totally in favour of more baby-killing. The term ‘Nurses Organisation’ is valid in this case, but ‘Democratic’ is not.

Government agency misrepresenting views of the youth.

‘Youth Commission’

  • Surveys find South African youth is strongly opposed to abortion (Readers Digest poll, 1994).  This government appointed organisation does not have a legitimate mandate to speak on behalf South African youth in favour of abortion.


Why do the pro-abortion lobby use all this deceptive language?

Everyone who has studied the issue knows that ‘abortion’ is the killing of a living human being.  This was admitted on 7 June 2000 by one of the abortionists at the hearings.  Why then do they try to hide this by using all these euphemisms?  Firstly, to try to deceive parliamentarians and the media about what they are doing and secondly to try to blunt their own consciences.  No killer wants to admit they are murdering innocent people, thus the use of euphemisms.

Comparison with other deceptive language used to hide murderous activities

Plain English

Term used

Used by

Abortion lobby term

Reason used

Killing political enemies of the state

‘Permanent removal from society’

Apartheid assassins

‘Termination of Pregnancy’

Avoid language of killing.


‘Civil Co-operation Bureau’

Apartheid assassins

‘Marie Stopes Clinics’

Avoid name identified with killing

Killing the Jews in Europe

‘Final Solution’


‘Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Act’

Avoid language of killing.

Killing of terminally ill, handicapped and insane people

‘Mercy-killing, euthanasia’


(Same terms still used today in South Africa.)

Try to make motive sound noble.

Agency transporting handicapped and chronically ill children to gas chambers.

‘Charitable Company for the Transport of Sick Children’


‘Disa Clinic’

Disguise the activity with a beautiful name.

Tribe targeted for genocide


Rwandan radio station promoting massacres.


Dehumanise the victims.

Slogan to disguise killing.

‘Work makes you free’

Slogan over entrance to Auschwitz concentration camp.

‘Freedom of choice’ slogan

Disguise killing with language of ‘freedom’

Can God forgive abortionists and others responsible for killing unborn children?

Yes.  The first Christian church in Jerusalem was made up of many of the same people who had previously demanded the Roman government should crucify Jesus (Acts 2:23,36).  Jesus forgave them, because they believed in him and turned away from their sin.  Many abortionists, abortion lobby leaders and pro-abortion politicians around the world have changed their minds; believed in Jesus Christ and now fight for the right to life.