In the past few years, UCT Students for Life Society has grown and become more established in the UCT community. Membership has been good and if the support received throughout the years from members and many non-members continues, the future looks very promising for UCT’s contribution to the pro-life struggle. This past year we had few members but had a very busy and memorable year. Some this year’s highlights include:

  • Orientation Week Activity.  The O-Week stall was a point of contact with new members, and many students were educated and enlightened about the pro-life position. Students signed up and were able to decide to serve in the society in various areas, including research and working on the committee.
  • A series of seminars & workshops were held, where we educated and equipped our members around the pro-life issues, in particular the fight against abortion. This enabled them to educate others around the same topic.

  • The Right To Live Campaign was started by the Catholic Church for pregnant women and abused women in crisis. The first Mater Home was opened in Cape Town and of course we were there to give them our support.


  Some of our devoted members.

Information leaflet of the Home.

  • In addition, we also made a generous donation to the Mater Home. The donation was baby clothes and products to the value of R1500. This donation was made possible by our members’ funds.

Donation of baby clothes to Mater Domini Home (for unmarried mothers)

The new committee handing over the donation to the house mother of the Mater Home.


  • In August this year, Submission to the Parliamentary was made inresponse to the proposed ‘Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act Amendment Bill’, and Lobbying where we had the opportunity to talk to Parliamentarians to consider proposing amendments to the ‘Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act’

  • We are not just all work and no play; we also know how to have fun. Amongst other social events, we had a ‘Games & Pizza’ evening just to socialise as a bunch of friends


The committee would like to thank all the students who support us, our board members, sponsors, the other campus Societies, pro-life organisations and churches that have supported us.  Join us and help us save babies from abortion and make UCT a pro-life campus!