Should medics learn to kill?

Why did you chose to become a health professional? Did you want to help heal people or help kill them?

The government wants you to help kill unborn babies. “Ridiculous” you say. “I would never do that.” But a lot of students do turn into serial killers. How do they plan to try to turn a healer like you into a killer? It doesn’t happen overnight. A gradual process is designed to reduce your resistance to killing and try to brainwash you to think it is compassionate. Ideas will be fed to you one by one. By knowing what to expect, you can help fight to change the curriculum to one that values human life. Decide now you are not going to kill and prepare to debate your lecturers.

Genetics (often in 1st year)

• Abortion is promoted as a ‘cure’ for handicap. Amniocentesis is a way of testing before birth if a baby is deformed. Ugly pictures show babies nobody would want. Once students have accepted abortion for these ‘hard cases’, it is easier for lecturers to promote the idea of killing healthy babies.

• Our response: Read up the arguments and reach your class with pro-life materials before this happens. Then challenge any anti-life statements. Should we cure the disease by killing the patient? Adults can’t be killed just because they are handicapped, so why should handicapped unborn babies be killed?


Humanist ethics courses ignore the Hippocratic oath, pro-life and Christian teaching. Instead, secular humanist philosophy is promoted as ethical. The value of human life is questioned.

• Our response: Distribute alternative pro-life ethics readings and debate wrong ideas. Question why we should learn or respect secular humanist ethics. Why shouldn’t we learn the pro-life ethical viewpoint of the majority of South Africans? Similar godless ethical philosophies inspired the Nazi’s and logically lead to the same devaluation of life. They must be rejected. Our lives are valuable, because we are made in God’s image.

Gynaecology (often in 5th year)

• Introduced to mothers seeking to abort their babies and may be asked to help fill in forms (clerk). Learn the theory behind the abortion methods for the first time.

• Our response: Encourage mothers to go to alternative pregnancy centres and keep their babies- refuse to assist any other way.

Student Intern year (6th year)

• You meet abortionists, who explain how to kill unborn babies. In some cases, they demonstrate how to do abortions and give the opportunity for students to do them.

• You are asked to clerk patients coming for abortion; prepare them for the abortion by taking bloods, putting up drips and filling out forms; and care for the patients before and afterwards in the wards.

• Our response: Refuse to watch abortions of live babies and protest to authorities. Object to promoters of abortion or helping in any way.


You are asked to clerk (fill in forms for patients) and get used to the procedure.

• Our response: Don’t clerk or refer. Before you start work, give your supervisor a conscientious objection form.

‘Values clarification’ brainwashing

• The ultimate abortionist brainwashing course ‘values clarification’ is presented in many hospitals by Planned Parenthood. Emotion-promoting methods are used ‘What if it was your daughter?’ or ‘What if the woman was raped?’. If a person agrees in one ‘hard case’, then they ask ‘What right have you to decide in other cases?’. The healthworker is made to feel not responsible for their actions.

• Our response: Refuse to participate and warn others it is brainwashing. Give them pro-life literature.

What do I need to learn?

Many of the procedures by which abortions are performed have a legitimate use. Thus we need to learn the methods, but we must protest the promotion of these methods for abortion of live babies.

• Dilation & Curettage (D&C) and Manual Vacuum Aspiration are both used to clean out the womb after the baby is born or if the baby is dead in the womb.

• Suction tubes can also be used for clearing remains of a miscarriage.

• Misoprostol (Cytotec) is used to induce labour to deliver live babies when the baby is at term or when the continued pregnancy would endanger the life of the mother.

• D&X (Partial birth) can be used to deliver a baby already dead in the womb.

We must object to the promotion of abortion for any other purpose.

Methods used to persuade students

• Assume everyone in the class is pro-abortion in lectures and discussions as if it was unusual not to be.

• Emotional appeals are made for relieving the distress of the mother by abortion, while ignoring the interests of the baby.

• Language to demean the humanity of the child (fetus, products of conception, ‘P.O.C.’) and hide killing (e.g. T.o.P., termination).

• Gradually feed students pro-abortion ideas in small parts, until they get used to it.

Counter methods we can use

• Distribute pro-life literature to your class before the subject comes up in lectures.

• Ask questions and object to promotion of abortion.

• Interrupt and correct lecturers who use anti-life language.

• Wear pro-life T-shirts and lapel pins.

• Circulate conscientious objection forms.

• Protest to authorities if abortionists are invited to speak to the class.

• Invite pro-life speakers to your society.

• Organise a discussion with other students before they are put under pressure to assist. Warn them about brainwashing and requests to help with the process of abortion

• Organise a class-graduation service where students pledge to uphold the sanctity of human life.

• Ask your lecturer if you can present the pro-life viewpoint to your class.

• Encourage lecturers to include alternative ‘pro-life materials’ in their course notes (give this to them).


• Try to do well academically in a course where you take a stand.

• Try to object as a group and not just as an individual.

• Read to learn the facts on the issue so you can debate intelligently.

• Don’t insult authorities or give them any other excuse to cause you problems.

• Don’t compromise for example by helping in small ways or refering patients to someone else who will kill. Just refuse to assist.

• Know your legal rights – contact Doctors for Life 031-7640443 immediately if pressured or unsure. Read ‘The abortion law and your rights

• Be prepared to take some hostility.

What do we want?

We must rid our medical schools of anti-life ‘hate speech’, emotional manipulation and ethical confusion, abortionists and abortion demonstrations. We must reform the curriculum to promote respect for human life.