Conscientious objection


The Health Professionals Conscientious Objection Register gives medical students and other health professionals the opportunity to choose not to be involved in abortion. In the past, some medical students and interns found themselves directly or indirectly helping to perform abortions, despite the fact that they had not wished to do so. This register provides a legal backup to your decision not to be involved in abortion procedures. By signing it, and giving a copy to authorities you are able to inform staff that he or she is not willing to take part in abortions directly or indirectly, and not run the risk of being placed in compromising situations.  ‘Indirect involvement’ means assisting with the process of abortion for example by filling in forms, without directly assisting with medical or surgical killing.  The register is being circulated in hospitals and medical schools around South Africa.

Signing the register does not remove your right to be involved in extreme circumstances such as when the mother’s life is in danger.  By putting your name on the register you are making a public statement to hospital authorities and health workers of your respect for the Sanctity of Human Life.

The register is supported by the Health Professionals Defence Campaign including: Doctors for Life, Christian Medical Fellowship, Healthcare Christian Fellowship; Students for Life, His People Ministries.