Euthanasia Exposed

Up till now many organisations and individuals have fought euthanasia proposals, but none specifically focused on the issue. ‘Euthanasia Exposed’ is South Africa’s first dedicated anti-euthanasia lobby group. The ‘Prevent Euthanasia Network of South Africa has been in operation for more than a year, but is now publicly announced including: “African Enterprise; ChristianView Network; Doctors for Life (Friend of the court in the Stransham-Ford case); Euthanasia Exposed; Family Action; Human Life International – South Africa; Prolife South Africa; Students for Life; Tradition Family Property – South Africa. Some other organisations also fighting euthanasia are also listed.

The web site contains more information on the issue in South Africa than anywhere else on the web including the public court case documentation and historic information – and rebuttals of multiple false claims in the media. Downloadable documents include the legal affidavits, the judgement previous South African precedents and foreign case law (including the critical New Zealand court precedent of 2015 which said parliament must decide). The web site includes a search facility to assist fact checking; documentation on the Stransham-Ford case, the South African Law Reform Commission investigation.

The web site also includes detailed answers to the arguments being used by the pro-euthanasia lobby (so-called Dignity SA) and ‘Ask opponents’ a section with questions which they are refusing to answer us on despite multiple public and private requests to answer. For example, several media reports said Sean Davison had assisted the suicide of News24 doctor and was about to carry out a euthanasia of Justin Varian and he died shortly afterwards. If this was carried out (and he will not confirm), then that violates Sean Davisons own proposed criteria for euthanasia because he is not a medical doctor – and because the News24 doctor was not terminally ill – so then how are we then to believe his promises of ‘strict controls’.

Articles include: Philosophical bioethics, a family doctors perspective, a disabled persons perspective, a theological perspective.

Information is provided on abuses beyond the intention of the law in places where euthanasia and assisted suicide is currently legal. There is also a detailed comparison of the current euthanasia movement and that of the 1930s in Germany which paved the way for genocide. While the opposition attempts to dismiss this, the evidence on the web site under ‘Slippery slope’ and the ‘SALRC’ rebutts these denials. The German euthanasia programme was also sold on sugar-coated promises of ‘medical controls’, which were progressively eroded.

The site includes the only scientific polls on euthanasia Reality is the vast majority of South Africans oppose euthanasia and those polls that claim to show otherwise are unscientific.

You can listen to South Africa’s first euthanasia radio debate with a representative of the euthanasia lobby: