Abortions in South Africa up by 31% in 2011

Legal abortions in South Africa went up a shocking 31% in 2011. This highlights the urgency with which this issue needs to be addressed.

From http://www.citypress.co.za/SouthAfrica/News/Abortions-took-31-hike-in-2011-health-dept-20120821:

A total of 77 771 legal abortions were performed in South Africa in 2011, which indicated a 31% increase since 2010, according to a report.

In a report released yesterday, the health department said 59 447 abortions were carried out in 2010.

The latest statistics translate to nearly 25 000 more than the yearly average for legal abortions over the past ten years, Beeld reported.

The province with the highest abortion rate is the Free State, where 21 994 abortions were performed during 2011, followed by 12 138 in the North West and 11 239 in Gauteng.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi released the statistics yesterday, in response to a parliamentary question.
His spokesperson, Joe Maila, said the latest figures were a matter of great concern.

“We are very worried. Not only about the high statistics, but also about the fact that so many people are having unprotected sex … it’s clear that people are not using contraceptives like condoms, so they are exposing themselves to serious illnesses like Aids,” he said.

Cheryllyn Dudley, ACDP MP, said yesterday that her party was very disappointed in the latest figures.

“It looks like we’re moving in a direction where human life is being increasingly disregarded and treated with contempt. People are becoming so cold-hearted. It starts with unborn babies and ends with miners being shot,” she said.

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