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When the police opened fire on a huge crowd it is an indication that something is disturbingly wrong in South Africa. Yet according to government statistics on the same day that 34 killings took place in Marikana, one can estimate that 200 legal abortions occurred in our country. For such an undeniably weighty issue, the silence surrounding abortion in the public square is highly worrying and the finger is pointing squarely at anybody holding a pro-life conviction. One would dare to say that images of police shooting armed and violent strikers are far less disturbing than the silent deaths that occur in our midst every day.

Maybe, never before has there been such great a need for Pro-lifers to stand together regardless of their various affiliations. Statistics show that between 2010 and 2011 there have been a total of 77,771 legal abortions and many more illegal ones. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. There is a desperate need for all South Africans to do something!

In 1997, during the passing of the law on abortion there was a similar situation where all Pro-lifers stood together. At the time NAL convened a conference. Organizations and churches that took part and / or whose members were involved in arranging the conference at the time included: Africa Cares For Life, the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, Birth Right, The Christian Lawyers Association, Christians For Truth, Concerned Ministers, Doctors for Life International, the Durban Community Church, the Dutch Reformed Church, Focus on the Family, Frontline Fellowship, die Gereformeerde Kerk, Health Care Christian Fellowship, International Christian Medical and Dental Association, the Presbyterian Church, Prolife SA, the Roman Catholic Church, and The Evangelical Alliance of SA (TEASA).

This time a number of pro-life organizations decided to institute an annual March for Life. NAL is a very loose umbrella body formed in 1997. It was brought into being to create a platform for times where all organizations and churches could cooperate, while keeping their own identity, and not be in any danger of being swallowed up into a new organization. Its purpose is purely logistical, where there is a need for prolifers in South Africa to plan and act together. It purposely does not have a constitution, which allows very loose, non rigid associations within which each organization and church / youth group or congregation can take part under their own identity and have their own banners etc.

We are trying to revive an annual March for Life where all Pro-lifers will unite each year on the first Sunday of October, at 14h00, in order not to interfere with their local church service, and “stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves”. We would therefore like to call upon all prolifers to stand together in this matter.

Please take note that no banners with abortion images will be allowed to be displayed at the March for Life.

Kindly respond to this invitation at your earliest convenience.

Respectfully yours



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